Accurate measurement, recording, detection and storage of live speech-related workflows can now be provided on both desktop and mobile platforms.

For whom is VoxCTRL important?

Voice recording is a high priority task for private and public companies in many different sectors.

There are many reasons to record and document conversations in decision-making or in communication with clients in different public administrations, public and privately owned public service companies.

VoxCTRL provides a tool that goes well beyond the use of traditional voice recording systems – typically dispatcher and customer service conversations, telephone or live voice orders, announcements, complaints – to improve corporate efficiency.

As an add-on to the existing JobCTRL system, accurate measurement, recording, detection and storage of live speech-related workflows can now be provided on both desktop and mobile platforms.


Legal oligation.
To validate oral orders and contracts.
For easy and quick reconstruction at a later time.
To enforce and verify quality assurance principles.
Replace manual transcripts of meetings and telephone conferences.
Clear, effective and smooth handling of customer complaints.
In the course of legal proceedings, to validly substantiate positions.

Easy to adapt

Flexible VoxCTRL IDs can also be used to automate the processing of the recorded conversations to any CRM, ERP or workflow system.

Multi-dimensional reports and analytics

With the VoxCTRL module, you can create more accurate and detailed client profiles, even without additional development. The unlimited number of tags that can be captured in multi-dimensional statements can significantly increase the efficiency of corporate and customer relationship communications.

High level controlling

JobCTRL’s in-depth reporting feature allows executives to get a more accurate view of corporate communication resources, including off-site customer meetings and internal meetings.

VoxCTRL’s advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Modular integration
  • Custom

Thanks to integration with JobCTRL, VoxCTRL module services go beyond traditional voice  recording services. Beyond delivering a high level quality service of the core function, the module has a number of features that can further enhance the advantages of an innovative company over its competitors.

Users do not need special training to get started, as the VoxCTRL’s tools are fully integrated with the familiar JobCTRL functionality, so they can start using it in no time.

Preparing Detailed Analytics

From the JobCTRL reporting page, you can also generate HTML reports about the recorded conversations in the usual way and you can access the recorded user conversation directly from the VoxCTRL reports. Recorded audio files can be tagged, which can be assigned to a sound file with a single click from a predefined structure. With the freely-definable tags, you can easily generate customized analytics according to your business needs with JobCTRL’s web-based reporting.

Recorded conversations can help to avoid disputes over disputes. JobCTRL’s reporting system provides instant access to recorded conversations, either by time, by user or by associated tags. Recorded audio files are stored on the server time stamped, as authenticated data.

Audio files are handled in the same secure way as any other data generated in the JobCTRL system. By managing JobCTRL privileges, we ensure that recorded conversations are securely stored in the central database and that only authorized personnel have access to recorded conversations.

The VoxCTRL module can be successfully used in many corporate and public administration services, where long-term and systematic retention of conversations is of utmost importance. This versatile and useful module is an integral complement to JobCTRL for measuring and verifying live speech tasks objectively.




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